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Web communication and webdesign in Morocco

If you are a company concerned about its brand image on the Internet, our communication agency in Morocco is at your service. With Global Etik, you are guaranteed quality work with a French style, at a cost two to three times lower than that of web agencies in France.

Web communication is a privileged interface between your company and your customers. It is an evolving and innovative framework with a high socio-economic impact and focuses on the latest digital technologies. In order to give you the full potential of your e-reputation, our agency offers you a tailor-made communication strategy. Whether you are a very small business or an SME, our digital solutions will help you improve your visual communication. Together we will define your needs, as well as the most appropriate digital strategy to meet them. Several aspects will then be taken into account, from web design to the ergonomics of your site. In order to give you the brand image that is essential to any large company, Global Etik is committed to handling all your requests in a specific way. Our approach is based on a solid base of technical and artistic skills, from the study of the project to its online implementation.
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Web design is a key component of our internal communication plan. It is based on the use of illustrations and graphic elements that will quickly engage your customers. At first glance, they must feel immersed in all the ordered information you wish to transmit to them. The web design therefore requires the implementation of graphics, according to a studied charter. In this respect, our agency has developed proven design processes. Our team of 15 developers will translate your expectations into effective visual communication. With Global Etik, your website will offer your customers interactive and functional services.
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Web ergonomics is the cornerstone of our web design process. It allows you to properly refer your clients and provide them with the information they need. Indeed, nothing should hinder the user in his search for information on your site. To do this, Global Etik integrates ergonomics into the very heart of the websites it designs. Access to relevant information is then optimised, according to the scheme you decide. We develop effective showcase sites, real communication tools. To achieve these results, we proceed in successive and complementary steps:

  •     Studies ;
  •     Launching ;
  •     Development ;
  •     Delivery;
  •     Recipe;
  •     Putting on line.

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Institutional or commercial booklet, product catalogs, illustrations, logos, graphic charters … the needs of your company are numerous. Thanks to our team of professional designers, specialized in Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign, we create communication media adapted to your image and the message you want to convey. From the very first step to the delivery of the documents, we take care of every step of your project.
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