General Terms and Conditions of Sale : Offshore Development Company in Morocco - Global Etik

Conditions Générales de Vente


GLOBAL ETIK has resources and skills in IT, website development (CMS, Html5 / PHP / CSS3 / Javascript, responsive design, newsletter, landing page), content integration and project management, enabling it to implement the service (or Internet project) in accordance with the client’s needs which is set out in the:

– order form,

– specifications,

– various exchanges and successive stages of the project, if there are no Specifications, that serve as an expression of the Client’s need as and when they are validated. The service implements operations or services relating to one or more Internet projects for website development, content integration, newsletter development, or modifications on CMS requiring advanced technical knowledge, which the Client cannot undertake itself with its own staff, both for reasons of financial opportunity and specific technical competence.


Global Etik develops on its own computers and software the website ‘Client’ described in the functional specifications to be established and in the related quotation. Production files and the sources remain the property of Global Etik. Only finished product files (deliverables) will be hosted on the client server and will be addressed to the client. The finished product files are the client’s property who can change or modify its website. The texts may be distributed by the client on any physical or electronic medium that the client wishes to use, for the sole purpose of serving the interests of the client’s main activity. Broadcast rights are provided without time limit, even after termination of the contract or collaboration.

Validation of deliverables

Before the site is put into production, a pre-production version, called the BETA version, will be delivered to the client. This fully functional version will include all the features presented in the specifications. The client must, upon receipt of this BETA version, and within 10 working days, perform its own tests and acceptances. If necessary, the client may, during the period, request that Global Etik make corrections only on the features or elements provided for in the specifications. Global Etik will automatically bill the client, at the rate defined in the signed estimate and, at least, at the rate of EUR 200/day, up to 1 additional project management day charged per 5-day period worked late, for any additional project management days should the 10-working day period allocated for testing the solution be exceeded.

Warranty on developments

Only developments produced by Global Etik as part of the client’s order are under warranty. They are valid for 30 days from their delivery and acceptance by the client, and provided that the client has paid for them in full. Any request for correction / modification must be made within 10 working days of delivery, failing which it will be rejected. This warranty covers malfunctions and defects noted and established based on technical and functional specifications, or failing that in written exchanges (e-mail, post, fax) between the two parties. In the event that the client discloses these defects during this warranty period, Global Etik agrees to be responsible for making the necessary corrections. Once the warranty period has expired, Global Etik can offer a third-party application maintenance contract.

Payment terms

All orders must be accompanied by a deposit.
The balance must be paid according to the schedule and deadlines provided for in the contract. If any invoice is not paid when due, Global Etik will be entitled to suspend its operations without prior formal notice. Interest for late payment at a minimum rate of 1.5 times the legal interest rate is payable. Bank charges are the client’s responsibility.

Bank charges

Bank charges are at the client’s expense: a contribution representing 3.5% of the accepted amount is added to the invoice.


All documents, whatever their medium, exchanged between the client and Global Etik, are considered confidential and may not be disclosed to anyone (natural or legal person) without the prior written consent of the parties concerned.


It is expressly agreed that, in view of the subject matter of the contract, Global Etik is bound by an obligation of means, and therefore undertakes to perform the obligations for which it is responsible with all the care in use in its profession and to use the best current practices.


Unless otherwise expressly notified in writing, the client authorizes Global Etik to mention its name and its company name in the footer of each page of the site and on a list of references that it may provide to its prospects, for example on the websites created and operated by Global Etik, Global Etik’s advertising brochures, business mail, etc.


Global Etik is committed to using best SEO practices in its website development projects but does not guarantee search engine results.