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Computer sub-contracting in Morocco

IT outsourcing

Only a little over two hours flight time from France is the Moroccan city of Tangier. A real gem of offshore IT services, the city assists many companies with their web development thanks to the work of each service provider. SSII Global Etik has also developed in this country, which is rich in opportunities, to provide a quality service to each of its clients.

Why should you use an offshore IT subcontractor ?

Are you a manager or CIO? Discover the offshore development solutions offered by Global Etik. By using a company such as ours, you benefit directly from a controlled final cost to outsource your IT production. Indeed, each collaborating developer within our team provides you with a less expensive service than that of French professionals. However, our web experts guarantee you a quality service that meets your requirements. Entrusting your IT project to Global Etik means obtaining a development that benefits your company while having an effective customer relationship with your service provider.

Outsource your web development to Global Etik

Our biggest advantage? It is to be a French IT services company based in Morocco. Indeed, with Global Etik you have all the advantages of a quality French service without its disadvantages. Choosing us means ensuring the production of experienced professionals combined with a team that leads your project efficiently. In addition to saving money, each client with whom we work remains constantly informed of the missions carried out by our project managers.

Website creation in Morocco

The advantages of outsourcing your IT production on Moroccan soil for the creation of an offshore website are numerous and undeniable.

  • Costs: In Morocco, you can be sure that the cost of production will be reduced by 2 to 3 times compared to French soil
  • Language: French is a language widely spoken by Moroccans. Our employees practice the language daily.
  • Time difference: There is only an hour difference between Tangier and Paris. It is ideal for the efficient coordination of your projects with your subcontractor.
  • Competence: The level of competence of Moroccans is comparable to that of the French. Indeed, most training courses are indexed to their counterparts and produce excellent elements for maximum productivity.
  • Working time: The legal working time in Morocco is 44 hours per week, which represents a time saving of 5 or 9 hours per week compared to your subcontractor based in France or Europe.