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Outsourced project management

Outsourcing project management is a common process in companies around the world. Do not hesitate to use our agency, especially if it is an IT project, our speciality.

Entrust your web project to Global Etik, a moroccan web agency

Global Etik is a French web agency in Morocco. We are specialised in IT outsourcing and offshore development services. The advantages of entrusting your project to an agency such as Global Etik are many. But the most significant are:

  • The quality of the work: this is a component that is very important to our team of fifteen developers and web designers. Providing quality work is the best publicity Global Etik wants to do for itself. Thus, we define the particularities of all the projects we manage and individually manage your projects in order to achieve the objectives we have set ourselves.
  • Cost: a more important aspect for you. Our costs are unbeatable and no French agency can match them. If you choose Global Etik, you will reduce your costs by half compared to a French agency for the same or even better quality work.
  • We can operate as a white label. We design and develop your IT projects without “signing” them: this way, no one will know that the solution has been implemented abroad.

A web project manager for your IT project

As soon as your IT project is received by our agency, a project manager takes over the management of your project.  He gathers all the information he will need to carry out your project successfully. Nothing is left out. The technical and theoretical aspects of your project are developed with the utmost care to give it an optimal chance of success.

A moroccan web agency: a real ISS in Morocco

The choice of Morocco by our agency is not trivial. All the conditions are met so that we can carry out your projects successfully. Thus, your IT project will benefit from everything it takes, as in a French agency in France, to reach its full potential. An opportunity to be seized, because the choice of an external agency to manage your projects is something that many companies choose for various reasons.