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Website development

Creating your website with Drupal in Morocco

As the Internet evolved, so did corporate communication policies. Most companies worldwide now communicate their message, products and services on their websites. Global Etik is well positioned to assist companies with defining their website needs (showcase, e-commerce or both) and implementing them as part of their overall Internet strategy. We design and build tailor-made websites that are aligned with client expectations and comply with accepted web standards that are constantly evolving.

An agency specialized in the creation of custom Drupal websites

Our objective is to provide companies with the most innovative solutions in digital communication. Hence why we work with the Drupal content management system to develop high-performance websites. The developers at Global Etik are intimately familiar with this open source software tool for creating your showcase or e-commerce website. Whether you are a trading company, a service company, an association or a non-governmental organization, our teams are there to help you with setting up a responsive website that can be displayed on different terminals, including mobile devices. They will work with you to create your professional website, your blog, your catalogue or your ad website. Beyond the design of your website, Global Etik’s development teams are composed of Drupal experts, who can also assist you in the maintenance and continuous improvement of your platform. Do you want to optimize your Drupal site with new features, a new design, or improve its visibility? Global Etik advises you on:

  • Designing and how to improve the graphic design of your website;
  • Managing the addition of web content, regardless of its format;
  • Setting up a natural referencing or optimizing it to increase your website’s visibility on the Internet;
  • Updating and maintaining the website for the term of the contract.

Global Etik: A Drupal expert agency in Morocco

As an expert user of Drupal CMS in website development, Global Etik is one of the most well-known communication agencies in Morocco. As a subsidiary of a French group, we provide the French market with our services and know-how in IT and web development. Our highly-regarded skills provide our clientele with innovative solutions based on the latest web standards to meet its needs. We carry out detailed preliminary studies while taking into account all project limitations. We then propose different solutions that respond to client requests, which will then be customized to match that client’s particular brand image.

Your Drupal website at an unbeatable price

The development of an efficient, fast, professionally designed and ergonomic website, which considers everything the client requires, depends on real know-how, from the design stage to its online launch. This involves several skills (technical director, web designer, SEO, frontend developer, backend developer, integrator, editor, etc.) that come at a cost. As a French offshore web agency in Morocco, Global Etik is committed to “French-style” work processes, an “agile” project management mode and ongoing respect of the details, all at a controlled cost, 2 to 3 times lower than that of a web agency in France. If you want to create a website with the Drupal CMS, Global Etik is THE partner you need.