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Responsive websites development

The digital age has made it indispensable for businesses to have an online presence, normally done through creating their own websites. It is an excellent communication channel through which companies can have their message resonate with people the world over. This is so because videos, images and sound can be easily uploaded to websites. The website has become the cornerstone of a business’ communication policy. Choose Global Etik to create your responsive website as our technologies create pages that comply with your guidelines. .

Mobile internet browsing is now mainstream

For many years we used our computers to surf the Net. Today, we now browse the net on our smartphones and tablets, our new mini-computers. Mobile terminals have finally caught up with the technology and now play an important part in the online research that we do.

The popularisation of the various mobile terminals has redefined the design standards for Internet pages. Global Etik, a formidable competitor with its fifteen developers and web designers, specialises in installing Internet platforms adapted to smartphones and tablets.

Importance of responsive design

When a website has a “responsive web design” also called adaptive design, it automatically adapts to the size of the screen on which it is displayed. This design makes it possible to display the page correctly, whether it is opened on a computer, a tablet or even a smartphone.

The choice of this design thus represents an undeniable asset for any company’s website as it adapts easily to any screen size such as the one on your computer and your smartphone. Most mobile web users now find the information they need as easily on their phone as on their computer.

To understand the importance of the adaptive design, just imagine the difficulty of reading a website designed with a fixed width of 1,000 pixels on a 320 pixel phone screen.

Global Etik’s website development service

We are able to offer companies quality websites created using WordPress or Laravel that can be displayed on different terminals as we rely on a large team of developers and web designers based in Morocco. This strategic choice allows us to provide high-quality services at half the cost of a French agency.

We therefore offer companies, associations and even local authorities to develop their showcase site, their business site or their e-commerce site. Thanks to our multiple skills, we process a large volume of data and offer companies the opportunity to sell their products under a white label.

Beyond the creation of Internet platforms, we ensure:

  • Website redesign;
  • Content management;
  • SEO for better visibility.