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Website development

Creating showcase sites in Morocco

Your website is the image of your company. It represents who you are, your profession, your team, what you offer, your added value, your products, your services, etc. In short, it allows you to be known and recognised. Today, it is the only method that guarantees 24/7 visibility. But how do you create a custom website that fits your brand image? What are good practices in web development and visual identity? To answer this, entrust your professional website project to Global Etik, your web agency in Morocco.

An in-depth study

Before embarking on a website creation project, it is advisable that we define together your objectives and your requirements. What is the purpose of your site? To make yourself known? To generate visits? To bring customers into your shop? To encourage quote requests? In all cases, it is advisable to make the point together, to conduct an audit and to establish a schedule of terms and conditions so that we may offer you the solution that best meets your web design, development, content creation and hosting needs.

The technical specifities of a showcase website

Offering a beautiful showcase site is good, but presenting an optimised and professional website is even better. A technically well-designed web site is one that will be better referenced in search engines. You have probably already heard about SEO. For Google to deign to display your professional site in its first results, you have to know how to give it the soft eyes, and to do that, a pretty small site needs much more than beautiful images. You have to know how to speak to Google in its specific language, a technique that our IT technicians and web developers have mastered perfectly. The Moroccan agency Global Etik creates a showcase website in your image that is easy to manage by using a user-friendly content management system (CMS), such as WordPress or Drupal.

Today, having a real website also means having a ‘responsive’ site (or responsive design), i.e. a website whose display remains fully visible regardless of the size of the screen (laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.) Whatever the medium, your site will display perfectly and will be fully visible to the user (no more hidden buttons, no more inaccessible topics, etc.). This is an essential criterion as recognised by Google.

A website where you are the actor

Our teams create your website in your image using all the techniques and all the necessary computer languages (HTML, CSS, PHP, etc.). Perhaps you hardly speak any of these languages? Don’t worry, we are native speakers of these languages, such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Prestashop and Laravel. We choose the platform that best suits your website needs. We deliver a turnkey solution, and once the website is created, you can publish your own content yourself, and update it through an accessible ‘back office’. Looking for an e-commerce site?

An optimised web agency ready to serve you

You want a beautiful, optimised and affordable professional showcase site? You’ve come to the right place. Our agency offers you the best technology. Our teams of web designers, developers and web marketing professionals (Google and AdWords referencing) guarantee you a result that meets your expectations. Benefit from a French-speaking service and a premium product at very attractive rates.